White house, Ted Bundy back from the dead
Uprising hell on Earth, I'm fed up
Cuckoo; knowledge
Scrawny is brolic
Backwards and even wealth is ghetto
Talent lost to jobs and Franklin Washingtons they stare at you blankly
Well quite frankly the game is silly
Since doctors came with a frameless willy
It's painless, drink some Coca-Cola
The famous black man he told ya' go brainless won't you drink it
And you way past broke just take the order
Nighttime cruising on the highway
Music jammin' man its friday
Alone or gang, I'mma have it my way
Along or gang, I'mma have it my way [Hook]
Living life on the bridle, semimar (x3)
You can fight with no rеcital, semimar (x3)
Living life with no strings, semimar (x3)
Upright do your thing, sеmimar (x3)

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