I welcome you to my body
You kiss my ear and whisper my name
And I feel my pulse rise
In defiance that cries
In a passion we would not restrain She’s standing at the edge of the world
Looking down at the ocean below
And I see as I pass
Her coat on the grass
And I wonder if she’s going to flyYou say that the winter is coming
The roads will be covered in snow
And you don’t mind if I
Should denounce it or fly
To a wasteland where nobody goesI near on the news that she stumbled
The girl on thе cliffs yesterday
They found hеr lying there
In the rocks where they said
She was already dead when she fellThe wind on the water is calling
The flesh of the ocean is cold
The streets are asleep
And there’s nothing to keep
Me afloat but the hopes that I hold
They light her skin with incense and myrrh
A sombre song and requiem
Her family is weeping
Her friends can’t believe it—
‘Another spirit lost to despair’You welcome me to your body
A sentimental tone
And when you say goodbye
You’re expecting that I
Just won’t have the strength to go on...The restless life inside my body
Aurora blazing crimson and green
And when you have grown
And you’re on your own
Will you wonder what it’s like to be me?

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