Bet I
Butter finger tip toe
Just a stunna
Have 'em pay it up at the door
Tell 'em run that
You ain't never seen a Reesey piece white gold
Get some shut eye
Uh, uh, uh, uh, playa, play
Shut up (Shut up)
Get a bitch back, big click clack
We don't know nun' (We don't know nothing)
Blunt man, skunt ya mudda
The minute I move, bitches watch what I do
You know I got that feeling I run ya? Ricochet, it ain't shade
I understand your pain, but vengeance is in his name
Oh, what you wanna say?
Don't wanna wait
Swear on the way
Bitch, I love to skate[Hook]
Little rowdy, but I'm rich
Still gon' pop a bitch, if she talkin' shit
Hey, yeah
All about me
We know I'm lit
I'm in a starship up on my star shit
Hey, yeah

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