[Intro: Adam]
Hi, my name is Adam and today I'm learning about slavery and racism
This is what I've learned so far [Verse]
If you kept the black man free, then there wouldn't be problems on the streets
Many years ago black people were targeted by the stupid white men; their face covered with blankets
Shooting up and locking down neighborhoods, this wasn't what the motherfucking leaders died for
They fought for freedom (freedom!)
And justice for the life beyond prejudice, but the white man says ""
"They don't need it, why give colored people freedom or a chance to feel like us?"
'Cause they are us you fucking genius
Without them, there wouldn't be Martin Luther King, all the women in Harlem wouldn't love to sing
Shit, all the music you listen to is black, so why the fuck did you make them go through all of that
See, I'm an Asian, pleased to have pride in what I believe in
All you white fuckers deceive it
If I finish, I'm gone, all you fuckers wouldn't stay awake to see another eternal dawn
Uh, uh[Hook]
Hope Y'all fuckers learned something today
Fuck racism!
If you don't agree with me, then fuck Y'all
Fuck Y'all
Fuck Y'all, bitch
[Outro: Josh & Adam]
Yo cut the beat off I don't wanna hear this shit no more
Well you didn't have to swear
Yeah, well you didn't have to be such a little prick

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