Wake up
No time to mask with mascara and makeup – you cake up
I bet yo ass wasn’t geared for the shakeup
Too late cuz yall niggas been in the mixture
Lost in the sauce of profiting off of it all and skimming the bigger picture
I feel like Neo – this matrix gotta reboot
And we three – O I got the Trinity waiting for yall pursuits
Saw the Architect in my dreams, said he came with forbidden fruits
Now I’m thinking I’m dapping friends but they Agent Smith in a suit, uh You think it’s cute, huh?
You had to square up the roots cuz
You calculated my fate but it won’t compute, huh?
I got four futures
Butterfly Effect
War bloomers
I just form bruises
Undermined your bets
Sore losers
I shapeshift to take lift
That’s Blake Griffin
They say clip ‘em – they stay missing
Yall play for Pistons
I’d wave the flag for the truce -- but y’all too cruel to quit
They trynna take a young nigga out, on some cougar shitFuck ‘em then, I get the clips and dump ‘em then the ruger lit
The muzzle bend your brain into a puzzle get the rubix in – that’s
One for the eucharist and
Two for your propositions a
Gun for the eulogist and
A few for my opposition
No competition, my father locked me in – knocked the wind out my momma for breath I was breathing
I had no pot to piss inThis world’s heartless
They smile’s empty
They steal from youThis world’s heartless
You strive ‘gainst me
I still love youI felt my tears soak the scripture
You iced over
You spare your soul for a rolls on your wrist
But your eyes colderYou said niggas all mental
Niggas want hurt me
Isn’t it oldNiggas done left --
Turn mercury into silver and goldWe all chemical, right?
Synapse and vesicles
Think that you got the answers to adding up all them decimals, right?Insured like spectacles
Pure white vestments
Shown thy testamentsHone my sword
Hold my tongue
Known thy reverenceI’m just trying not to lose my head with it
Holy Spirit, hedge my bets I’m getting sent to heaven –
The seventh seal been on my lenses
And I ain’t dodging the devil just to see Armageddon
Need armistice on the weapons
Be honest, you aren’t repentant
And I ain’t dumb enough to take that apple just to trust you said its good
And we armored but aren’t ascended
Must be cuz, One to one this shit ain’t even dust to dust it’s hell on earth
So WAKE UPThey think I’m playing with ‘em
You best get yo ass up outta bed
Cuz they gon’ know you sleeping
Give you past up and attend
Don’t need to know who preaching
We fought to get the chains off us – we ain’t often equal
And now the devil target us ‘cause we god’s chosen people

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