I got a motherfucking story
Its actually kinda sad)
I've been smoking with a martian we’ve been sitting on the couch
And pardon I don't mean pry, I was wondering if chemical imbalance and real sadness plagues your people too
How do they get through
Cause I've been noticing my generation we all down as fuck
Khalid got these keys but we ain’t major uh
We just minor
We just find a
Different side to think negatively
Sensitively speaking
I don't know what these kids is eating
I get the feeling the rеal villain Is in our head
Forget the rеst I'm fucking stressed
He cut me off and saidWaitBest way is get better collectively
First thing the planet did was look within
And realize that everybody is you
Always walk in they shoes
Nobodies gonna lose uh
(That makes fucking sense)I never had the gun
I never seen the sun I said
I never had the gun no
Blaow Blaow Blaow Blaow
I never seen the gun
I never seen the sun no
What if you never seen the sun
What if you never felt it shine
He's leaving now
He told me we can figure it out
And he said remember when I was hiding in the back of that song
Pulled out the bag of goo and we smoked it all and then we played it
Yea you know what I'm saying
I'm your favorite background alien
Yea Yea
Yea you know what I'm saying
I'm your favorite background alien

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