[Verse: Joey Trap]
I am the product of [?], product of hate, where the fuck was my momma at? Hey
I have a problem with drugs, and I'm poppin' more pain, where the fuck is the vicodin? Aye
I love xanax, my gun blast, like Kodak, hol up, let me back track
Flash like Kodak, get it? [?] money at my old [?]
She suck my dick like it's Fun Dip, mm
I take the check then I run it, mm
Oops, I might just break the past tense, yuh
Whole lotta hoes on my mattress, damn
Cut, cut, body, flip
Fuck your life, gon' die today
I don't have no pride today
I lost it in my Chevrolet [Outro: XXXTENTACION & Joey Trap]
Just got a pound of the boof
She said, "Wan' fuck?" Bitch, I do
Can't keep my dick in my pants
Brought that shit straight - "Wan' fuck?" Bitch, I do (It's Joey)

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