No Heart (Freestyle) lyrics

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Southside, Southside on the, Southside on the, hey
Metro Boomin want some more, nigga
I from the streets with no heart, ooh
My niggas sippin' on wockhardt, ooh
Fuckin' on bitches, a nigga pull out their pistol
And then I'm leavin' their body in the dark, ooh
Shoutout the big homie 21
Made 20 racks, I'm not 21
18, but my bitches 21
She finna sip by the [?] 'til the Henny gone
Joey Trap, you hear Joey rap
Oh, I heard he slap
Like yeah, he do
[?] homie rap, you should put him on, you'll get him views
I'm like, yeah, I know 'cause I've been workin' hard
You ain't doin' shit, so why you askin' me to put you on?
If you want a feature, there's a fee
What, you thought a nigga worked for free?
Got a couple bitches on their knees
And after gettin' bop, I'm gettin' cheese, ayy
Please do not ask me no questions, ayy
We finna ball like we Texans
I got these [?] on my necklace
You talkin' shit, then [?] my weapon
I swear, my life like a movie, damn
AK straps, Call of Duty, ayy
I be Home Depot with toolies
All this...

Joey Trap – No Heart (Freestyle)

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