Joey Bada$$ Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #005

Joey Bada$$

[Verse 1]
Finally got a piece of the profit
Wine and cheese in the seat by the cockpit
I ain't mean for your bitch to be watchin'
I am me, she kept eyein' me
Everyday we just makin' deep profits
Money long, I'm gon' need some deep pockets
Hands are to the ceiling when I'm in the building
How you make a living, hmm?
Lately never chillin', mind is on a million things I gotta do
Ladies want me, when there no time for chillin' no time for you
I've been on a different type of time
I never liked to rest, a different type of grind
I'm on South Beach like Tony Montan'
Feelin' like the whole world is mine
And I sit back, let your mind run
No man knows when his time gone come
Every action, think about the outcome
'Cause I never outrun no bullet from a gun
Don't ask Malcolm, ask how come?
Ask any real nigga really 'bout some
When you in the field, nigga don't play dumb
Better keep your eyes peeled in the rearview
Know a couple niggas in the ville will kill you
Run up in your hands in the wheel and air you out
Never give a fuck, never hear you out
News clip poppin' up about you whereabouts
You don't really want the war so don't go there
Got my middle fingers up in my underwear
When I'm fuckin' the world on some G shit
With the waviest flow, make you seasick
Hope you can swim in the rhythm I'm deliverin'
She drown, I'm tellin' her to get a friend
White girls and they love me for my melanin
Kiss me all over my brown skin
I got the soul of a black king
It takes control when I'm rapping
Let the bitch unload like a MAC-10
Drrtt! Drrtt!—that's all that happened
Blast off, blast off
Blast off, blast off
Lift off, lift off, lift off
Said I'm 'bout to lift off
Lift off, L.A. Leakers lift off
Lift off, said we 'bout to lift off [Verse 2]
Hol' up! These rap niggas be actin' up
Talk mad shit, can't back it up
Don't let me catch you lackin'
I pack you inside the Maxima
Mark them days on the calendar
Don't you dare dodge this challenger
Sonics is hedge-hodgin'
Got heads boppin' way out in Africa
Radios be lackin' though
You can't front on talents so
I'ma kill like every show and any foe and any flow
No flex when I be in the zone
Know to watch when I come on
I check-in in the microphone
Collect this check then I'm headin' home
But it ain't always been like this
'Member when we was broke as shit
Savin' L's 'til next week
My ashtray still got a roach in it
I hit it until my finger tips
Get burnt at the filter tip
'Fore I learn to take a risk, I ain't even had a pot to piss in
Listen, I'm twistin' the system
The mission, the recognition
I see the future clearly: my premonitions is scary
Pray that they bury me
Where my soul has been heavenly sent
For the fathers and martyrs of this art that we formin'
We call it hip hop
Nigga, guess you must've forgot

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