[Verse 1]
Getting narcoleptic lately
Drain myself with every show
Get the fans to beg for "Rape Me"
While the suits are screaming "no" [Refrain]
I'd rather drown in bleach
Than stay sedated
Obliterated[Verse 2]
Making molehills into mountains
Underground's the new "Plateau"
In the black for the owners countin'
In the trash if you're in the know[Refrain]
Look at Axl Rose
He makes a killin'
His record shows
That he's the villain"One in a Million"
"One in a Million"
"One in a Million"
He thinks he's Dylan
[Verse 3]
Is this shotgun loaded, baby?
Think I'd like to say hello
I got sucked into your slavery
I was stuck "In Utero"[Refrain]
Deep inside this Hole
Kicked out of Toyland
The records sold
Now I'm a boy bandNow I'm a boy band
Now I'm a boy band
With preppy teen fans
Now I'm a boy band[Refrain/Outro]
No one got the point
They think I'm ravin'
Can't clear the joint
Before the cave-inI'm 'bout to cave in
I'm 'bout to cave in
Hey, who let Dave in?
I'm not worth savin'

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