Ayy, it's, it's all for the kids man
This-this shit for the kids, hahahah
For the little children, uh, um [Verse 1]
I can be, whatever I want to be
Bet not a bitch or a nigga stand in front of me
I got the devil in the pockets of my dungarees
Taking a dump on anything that standing under me
I can be your dream guy or I can be your nightmare
Born on Halloween night, it seems like a light year
Double my Sprite, hey my guy, do you got a light? Yeah
Squash stampede, plenty lion and many bison, huh
Seen some, seen one, but it's not many like 'em
When I fry or when I die, bury me with many mics, yeah
I can be, whatever I want to be
Bet not a pussy ass nigga stand in front of me
Took a stop at the light, made a right on humble street
Guess I been buzzin' like a motherfucking bumblebee
Tryna turn this honey tree into a money tree
But it's only one of me, and y'all niggas the son of me
Wait, wait if I win this, like
It's gonna be something, but I don't know what it's gon' be
[Verse 2]
Uh, okay I'm gonna be, whatever I want to be
Bet not a bitch or a nigga stand in front of me
They tryna snatch this motherfucking rug from under me
But never stumble, young man rumble, the sensei
The J.I.D babe, Mutombo, the brass ensemble
Cop an eighth and spend the last on paper and fronto
So at Thanksgiving, I'm your drunk ass uncle
On the corner, that junky that mumble
The little nigga that climbed the hair of Rapunzel
I'm the shrimp beside your gumbo, I make myself sick, damn
Dick down doctor, that's the JID, give a health check
I'm the wrong letter that made it up out your spell check
Fucking up your texts, uh, I'm electric, I'm a Lexus
I'm the evidence, like the shell case when the shell hit
But I never tell shit
I'm cold with the flow and come from the bottom like whale shit
I know what I know, and I know that you prolly fail shit
'Cause y'all niggas selfish, and my niggas desperate, damn[Interlude]
Damn, fuck
I wish I knew, Black Panther, but he's not real
Fuck man, homie, I don't know
Not real
What you trying?[Verse 3]
Um, look
They saying, "What you wanna be JID? What you wanna be, kid?
A doctor, a lawyer, exploring the coral reef shit?

A football player, a track sprinter, I know you run fast
Oh you gon' be a rapper with your dumb ass
Just because you used to bump 'Kast, talk fast, and can tap a drum pad
You thinkin' that the world's going mad? Bighead, short ass
Big eye, bug-eye, drug head, shoo fly, don't bother me"
I'ma be better than y'all will be, tryna be, y'all see
All for one, all for me, shit, you niggas ain't all for me
Motherfucker with your offering, talk-a-talk-a
Talk is cheap but so am I, I keep receipts
I beat the beat and eat the beat
So I could be the beat if I want to be
React how you want to, the son do what the son do
Rise when the gun drew
Would meet the devil in hell, but niggas'll hunt you
When it's dark all around and you lookin' for some
But in the heart of the jungle, my nigga, you run
You could be whatever you want, but better get you a gun
Better do what you want, whatever you feel in your stomach
Whatever you gotta do at the moment, only the strong survive
Only the strong in mind and soul and spirit and spine
You stand firm, you rise, it's go time
He looks determined without being ruthless[Outro]
I wish I knew, Black Panther, but he's not real

Not real

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