You can't live your life on the roadside
You can't live your life on the road
You can't live your life on the roadside
JHecz ('Westy is that you yeah?')Pay Attention----I came back on mad one
It's no myth who the top dog is
They don't see my name on a show
Cuz i show for the drop when the spotlight shifts
Then i see a couple big named yout's
Getting non-stop plays and they don't rate this
You man need to make your way
Stop building blocks with the playground kidsIt's peak if you send my name
These Gs all know my face from day 1
A1 foundation grade we learned our routеs
On the street we blazed on
Thеm yout's to oldest groups
Keep keep'd on mooch never left our routes
Or left man side nor dropped my bike
Them longed out nights where my man raised up
Na i'll switch in a sec
Dressed in sets and a walk of shame
2 2 mans on foot through footpaths
Straight through jibs down Gorton lane
Don't know ends like mine so they hold from
Chase estates in a Evogue Range
I'm grown up shit gets peak
If you talk bare shit bout the heads you've faced(ooo!)You can't live your life on the Roadside
The right doe don't fly to the road
10 Bag teeth and rental fee's them finance sheets
Don't make you doe
How many times do your mans earn cash
Na cash them cheques to a next mans home
I ain't there yet but i'm en-route see man come through
In the reckless zoneExit road like Hectics home
Don't impress you with the tech i own
I'm quick i'm Texas cold
I shine round heads i'm neckless gold
Try step get the rest on phones
Check check get blown
Get the best in votes
Them man don't like
My game is tight
I'm touching sides i'm Tetris code
(What)Your all gon quit it
If you see my name surrounding yours
I'ma take out any daft cunt if i bust on road
Get about in 4s
Stay sick with the sound of course
So i shake man down with astounding chords
I dare anyone of these man try hype to Hecz
You ain't down for the warSick on the riddim i go down to the morgue
I'ma killem i killem yes i am down for the horde
Don't care if your riding back
You ain't going nowhere like a stable horse
Aim on yours you don't wanna play with force
I was raised to gameplay get payed off-shores
Na these man wanna act so big
But they pay to maintain get paid of toursI've told you man before it's not wise to walk
And try war with a genius
Young lad with master plans to make
Cash back mad for the man that you seen with us
No trap had the master class
I had to act
Cuz no man here try dream it up
Now days i'm a couple G short so i spend my time
On a grind get lean with us
(About who's got what who's on what were)(I ain't fucking around you know)(Lookout for the next one)(Big up everyman yeah)Fuck what your YG said bout
Who's got what who's on where
Them man are broke never never got cash
Acting so bad cuz they never got there
Never got scared
Never never compare
To the top dog get drop from the top stairs
Ive been killing this ting for so long
I ain't in it for the views or the top dog stares

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