It's JHecz..
One Take
(One take)
Look, ay..
Check how i ride it next
Flows on point and my style is cold
You man don't want it with hecz
Cuz I ride on through with the killer combos
Instant killer instinct on road
Instant bigger imprint if i let blow
Step back I'ma do my ting
Na you don't really want it with hectic no?Parts get torn
Ligaments get thrown
If you enter my road the tyrants know
Speak your shit better speak up kid
Cuz i'll easily switch on a dead man choke
Hang man loose with a hand-man noose
And I'll rinse mans neck i'm ahead of your combat
First off don't be sending shots
If your sending's off better go gеt contact(tac tac tac)Madness..Which one of you man are on a mad ting?
Try ramp with your big man bars
Hеar your vocal switch like an accent, daft prick
2 step with your acting
I came back just to give a man chat
You don't wanna talk no finances
Standard..(ay)About grime is new?
This ting here right here not a new wave
My brudda this shits past due
Shits been peak since back in the school days
Myspace through msn too
Now they wanna tweet like who's this dude?
But they ain't ready when i use my tool
Na tools ain't ready for the remix too
Like whatI was on righteous ting
Viking swing back from a titan clash
Writing pad, private cab
Sight on sirens do a silent dash
Don't try and get hype with a hype man
Never hype up to a violent man
Tried it get a side kick from a climate
Never take hook from a pirate handI'm MAD!Anyone of you wanna try to war
I'll be killing it in seconds don't get time to pause...You aim for stage height and tours
But I'm backing that I'm better than any kind of yours?
Backing that I'm better than any kind them
Backing that I'm better than any kind of men
When I walk to bruddas of course
Don't talk war
When you walk towards na we don't draw skeng...Your not this nor that don't lie..
Your not big don't act don't try
I know man with the rawest white
Unlike the new nikes that you bought for the hype
Of course I'm raw towards the guys with a mic
Act sick sit down brothers wanna act big
Chit chat shit it's all for the antics
Bruddas on mad tip it's for the hype( I said it;s all for the hype )
(One take... & I'm done )
(JHecz, 0161)

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