Look, look...
Who said that I can't do this? (do this)
Who said I won't do that? (do that)
Who said that I can't do grime
I grind all day my son you daft?
Who said that I can't do this? (do this)
.. that I won't do that?
Who said that I, said that I... Look, look, look look.... Fuck what you read on the web
My man don't stick by nuttin
Them words ain't even a threat
Not a bug to a bird i'm an eagle to them
My vision is peak cuz I ain't unnoticed
From range to propane I blow this
Coldest flows on screen since frozen
Stick this shit to your wall like a post-it!(ahh!)I ain't basic kid
It was Hectic then when the name changed quick
En route was a goon as a yout
Got told to stay strapped like a safe-sex-tip
Got blazed of a £10 pound haze that shit now days is a basic flip
Truth tho
Clued up
You know who's cold
When I move bro
Na I ain't gonna rate your shit!
Ratings rate from this
And they rate what they hate but
You ain't ever stating shit?
Side man stay with your hits
Getting bait online these guy's say you ain't selfish?
Fuck them nonsense tunes all you speak is garbage
We don't wanna hear that shit
Go to your previous fam
You ain't no big 'dog' my g your a 'bitch'Don't act big with them big man boots
Them little man shoes ain't walking far
How you gonna say that man can't spray that?
Lay that 'ish' like a builders yard
Fuck where you came from
State my name I'm there in a flash if i switch on charge!
Holes in your body if you try my shit
Bare dots per inch like a high-res picI might just switch and light up a prick
Lick a man down with a pipe if he pipes up quick
Never say I ever bust strap, lick crack, rob gaffs
My man don't hype for the shit
We don't fight for biz
Speak in the shade with the silencer clipped
But some guys wanna fight for the shit
Don't fight in the night when the 9 is equipped...I'm
Silent like a virus to you
I move right through won't see me spread
Try delete my name from your feed see man spring-back
Like a freebee bed
These guys don't hear my shit so I switch my lines
Don't even stress
Then I throw a few basic shapes
Have your squares re-checked for even testMy city's on a madness vibe
Now 'manny's on the map' mans back for the ride
No man wanna back my vibe that's live
I'll support till the madness dies
And these guys they talk bare shit on the net
Work the web but still they never get a net worth
Fuck all you worms and rats go straight for your connect
To net from your networkWanna roll with them G's? Stay with them
They ain't piecing the P for an 8th of leng
My guys got haze and cheese and the greens on point
When you look like a lazer-pen
I ain't tryna go global with it
Do my shit for the ends and I stay with them
Set man wanna turn their back like I ain't been on
What I'm on from the age of 10?....
That's cool tho, it's live
Got a few less mandem, I'll still succeed
See my music ting was a teenage flex but right now
Mans on a ransom spree, hands up bag for the week
Bag bag for the weed no mans got grams for the week...
(fuck off man)

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