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Yo... JHecz...Hold tight Keith...
You know this...2 O'clock, 3 O'clock('I Don't Play')Yo...Check..Yo...
"Step back" .. Na fuck that
I wrote this on a simple one
I'll take my bars to the road
See who knows what about simple dons...I ain't in it for the streaming doe
I know my words on a next mans song
Set man know that I don't Cat bars
I've been the Dig dog here from long...
They don't ever compare to the man
Phone in the air uploading movements
I'll see about who's got shells
If they ain't never held no loaded routersThere's a few hotlines I will call
If it ever goes off flip mode and do this
Only see my man lick shot
From a one two hook your moving stupid...Don't phone my phone on the weekend
I don't want no more weekend stress
So low you and your new feature
Mans our here just tryna get checks
Had too many years in the business
Set man never had days of the rest
Cash don't make me switch to a next man
Did that once and I opened chest....You get lost trying brand new locks
In doors that next man stepped in
I make plans that your man can't plan
Don't plan if you don't know 'Heptic'
That's P to a C
Back then couldn't see
No reason moving Hectic...
If I enter the room
Won't know who's who
But he's soon go leave through exits..
Man are like: 'Yo''Stay calm don't ramp
If I knew a next man had your bars there I'd bar him
Na you don't have to explain
Why you've been around so long
It's scaring,''That shits so deep
Since you was 13 on the roads I'd see you par them
So fuck all the basic bars if they wanna bring 'weight'
Then they gotta bring 'bars' in,'Fuck all the talk
Them man do war but they don't try hype it
So show me the proof-of-work
I'll go to the sets that's perfect timing
Yeah I got few new bars
Reload on the Block if I gotta bring mine in
My bars are just too damn cold
Go over your head so you don't try climb it...

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