[Intro: Strayakunt]
Ay you know what it is
Straight outta 8 Mile '95 hahahaha
Mobbing deep son
Let's go [Verse 1: gamemast15r]
Paranoia haunts me
I look behind my back every second for anything that's off key
I’m grateful for the dead
I’m grateful for anything that goes to make me bread
My skin bulletproof, fuck upstate, I'm going down into the dirt
With my tre pound causing the hurt, stalking to murk
Hallelujah, Fidel Castro knocking on death's door
Nine Inch Nails in your forehead like Trent Reznor
Crucifixes, the juice is written in the Ghetto Quran
The metal will spawn, hollow tips that fit in your palm
Bunch of knuckleheads, get my fist to your face
Am I really the one that has to put your bitch into place?
I spit with such conviction and grace
I’m violence incarnated, you just listen to Ma$e
And if you snitch on anyone, you’ll get clipped with no case[Verse 2: I_need_2_die]
From Columbus, I ain’t scared and I’m infamous
There’s a reason why everyone see my wickedness
Broke into houses and sold a couple of grams
I ain’t telling a story like I’m Big Baby D.R.A.M
Crack houses downtown while wannabe gangsters in the burbs
They look like clowns and they get there ass beat on the curb
I got anxiety so I guess I’m like Cudi
There isn’t anyone I know that’s like Buddy
Holly told me she’d date me but I know she been sucking dick
But goddamn, the way she looked, made me harder than a brick
Food stamps and welfare doesn’t help that much
So I gotta save the day like a CS GO clutch
Feelin like Cassius with a lot of stings
I hate attention so fuck the bling
Fuck your high horse, Ima ride a giraffe
Your voice is hoarse, makes me wanna laugh
I ain’t a Nixon, I make stories like Dickens
Listening to me is like reading a book
Fuck Rihanna and make that ass twerk
Y'all sucker MC’s know I can’t be shook
DMX made the devil his bitch and made him cook
That’s how I got some spicy sriracha shrimp
I ain’t king, the liberals call me Raja Pimp
Gunshots got me levitated
They’re always unpremeditated
Kanye got me feeling creative
Oops, I mean breative
Don’t wanna be looked at the wrong way
I told shawty I ain’t got the answers like Sway
She left me and I got a new bae
It’s a brand new day with brand new faces
Not that good at rhymes but I know I killed it like Jason[Verse 3: IssyTooNice]
Issy rip em' all up
270 I hope it don't fucking stall up
In the Volvo get your skull struck
With the gun in the back
Always tucking the mac
Always busting the strap
Ill hit your cousin with that
You nothing without these raps
Im buzzing spitting these facts
You busting in now you sad
A weak bitch now you finna be dad

IssyTooNice my raps finna be bad
I wet you up like its slim fast
Then wreck shit up with my ill facts
Mind sharp nigga like tacks
I Might spark if you steal back
Then come back with the real cats
Thats 9 lives and we will Spaz
Fuck the 12 Modern Warfare fucking still slaps
Its grind time while we flip packs
And make stacks of the chilled crack
Then bounce back like we kodak
They flash ass off that Cognac
Then pass gas like a mole rat
I rap fast leave you feeling whack
My clique's packed and we will attack[Verse 4: ThaHipHopHead]
Yo, ayo
If the entire game went against my ill crew, it'd still lose
I kill dudes, and fill brews, all your shots missed like mildew
Stab a fiend for half a bean, traffic weed for massive cream
Battle all you rappers, then go to sleep with avid dreams
Dominate tracks like absolute rulers
Ab-Soul rules, yuh,
I duel it out with rugers
I like it gritty, I'm talking shoot-outs, turf war

My tongue is Excalibur, yours is a nerf sword
I can make a rowdy room go quiet
And I'll force the Buddha into a diet
Everybody dyin', but no one is cryin'
Maybe I just oughta go a bar silent....
...Nah, fuck that shit
Out the streets now, and I'm still tough as brick
Chillin' at the Palace of Versailles, gals at my side
And even on text, my verse is better by thousands of times[Verse 5: BS-Calrissian]
I hope the main event in my life, is still ahead of me
I still got a lot of time till I drop dead, you see
I pray every day to thank god for all the luck I had
I don’t know if I should even demand more

I swear, I never swore to hate but fear is in my core
Not afraid to admit. Tired of the bullshit
I try to stand strong, can’t do it alone, when you're gone
My mind is free but gone too, what I gonna do
Push my mind through, hope I don’t fall more for you
Still happens every time, the weary line in my mind
Between mine and yours, I can’t see the border anymore

I’m sure, that I’m man enough but less tuff than I can
Or than I could, or should or even would
You think I’m weak? you just a fraud acting rough
Most who act hard just never saw enough
Or had enough, ain’t no thing to be hard for yourself
I'll wait till you had the guts to be weak for someone else
The eager, fight their own ego, that’s the enemy
The only victory that tells and teach’s you any real
About yourself,
but shooked is what you feel
You wannabe a crook, rappin how you pack steel
But you're halfsteppin, fuck off, become real[Verse 6: YeshuasIsTheKing-116]
Let me start this off smooth
Get back my groove
Its the return of the emperor
Watch as I move
Like an assassin
Im sick and tired of yall asking
Whos the greatest MC
Like I ain't out here rapping
Lyrically, yall can't see me
Its Hip Hops John Cena
Rhymes purer than a bottle of Aquafina
Its such a misdemeanor
How yall abusing the craft that I love
I swear all I hear is money, money, sex, drugs
Cmon son, you over here giving us that foo foo
Na na, your bars are filled wit doo doo
Caca, I see right through you
You sweeter than LaLa
Eating some cheerios
Here we go
Its the mystical, mysterious
Integral, give and go flow
Colder than an snowstorm in the NY
Raw and prime like a ribeye
Yall should see why Im a giant like Eli
Or Mike Strahan
Im saying Im the man
The GOAT, the King
The dope I bring will have you sprung or spring for joy
And shout Hallelujah
Thank God Almighty, its the ruler
He dont do it for the mula or the pieces at the jacobs jeweler
He just love to go upside your oblongata
Who got the juice? You know I got em
Wheres your favorite rapper?
You know I shot him
You know hes dead
Fed him this verbal lead
He said that he was better than me
I replied Those who choose to use disrespectful views upon the G-O-A-T get your block hotter than a city in Haiti
You can love, embrace, or hate me
But you will respect me
Get out my way and let me be great please
And as I proceed to give you what you need
Ill be making rappers get on their knees and
You clowns[Verse 7: CKoo]
Don’t ask me how, but I already peeled off another man’s skin
Feeling fucking tough? Cut it off, and peel off or I'mma do it again
I’m not trynna appeal to any of you, I don’t need ya’ll as friend
So I'mma cut you off, just to lose weight and start to ascend

You’ll never be in my league, so don’t get your hopes up too high
Only way you’ll fuck with me or be touching me is when your body too fly

And you’re spitting too dry, but I don’t mind, cause your head game too wild
So Nicki, you better let me cum at you, before I come at you and you’ll die[Verse 8: KenZin0]
Flow hot, known that I smoke pot
All night, 'til I move like a robot
Programmed to smoke grams and throw shots
Back man, you understand? I'm on top
Green light, I'm lightin' the green. No stop
Spit lightening right when the beat drops
No kidding, I'm living in rack city
I'm 'bout to relapse, you can run from it or fuck with me
I'm coming to gun anyone dumb enough to tempt me
I see you sweating, come get me
I'm ready, don't disrespect me
I'm feeling heavy and stepping on enemies who resent me
I'm sending a message
You can respect it or get infected
I'm guessing you've never been in a rapping Russian Roulette
Who's next? Is the question
You laying next to me dead
I'm sexting your girl, next day she sending texts to her friends:
"Oh my God have you met him?
I think I'm fucking obsessed!"
You scared to death, you scared to look
You shook, 'cuz ain't no such thing as halfway crooks[Verse 9: Meach the Heir]
There’s a stench in the air…
I can smell fear
Caution tape all ‘cross the state
Guess someone must’ve fell near
Hop the gate tryna solve the case
Should’ve rolled deep like Adeles there
For now just concentrate, Buried on the base
Is a nigga in a suit not geoffrey from bel airJust search the dirt unearth the worst
The corpse of the first
Scorched from the words
Returned for junior – the kennedy curseYou can’t catch this
Don’t leave a clue for forensics
No one in red white and blue to avenge it
Enter my spot and
I’m sending off shots!
Offending? You not!
Just pretending you hot
Tryna skip school with a fake ass fever
You can’t act like the cypher needs ya
Snakes on a plane don’t let the vipers eat up
Heimlich procedure when my rap precedes a
Rappers feature, its raptor season when Meach packs the etherThey lacking
Cause ain’t no such things as Halfway Savage
Either you take a seat or take action You spazzin
Cause ain’t no such things as Halfway Savage
Take a seat or take action
I destroy the snares and bass like acid
You plastic, getting stretched like elastic
Reaching for my standards, you spazzin
Im laughin, niggas just got son’d by the bastard[Verse 10: Hoshi]
Sitting on the rooftop, don't need to have no proof that
I represent you no matter where your hood's at
Some call me Hoshi, some call me Gbtalentx
More original than the rest
On the forums I'm yelling "Free YDB"
On Earth I was yelling "Vote Honey G"
Back on a verse, I ain't got a reason
But you all this year is Hoshi Season[Verse 11: Corduroy Crook]
This season wack rappers getting wrapped in plastic
First birthed gun and bet this steel is dynastic
Imperial how I'm empirically better than most
Live from the east coast
You already know this a classic
The games been mastered so now they plaster and package it
Call it remastered and sell it back to the youth
I'm literally baffled at how they trick all these bastards
Decimate a culture for the loot
Now I'm screaming
Gimme gimme
Rap like I handle a semi
I'm ready to die and nobody can save me
Or you
And for your sake they ain't no saving grace
I'm new york nigga
It was written that we was great
Running, ducking in the bx I read it in the cement
Spent some time in the Vern then I knew I'd be next
Now there's no way out
Less I'm going south bending corners
Ride up on ya
Grip the tool
The punishment is capital
Soon as I clear his chest
Figure how I'm movin next
Studying blueprints
Wonder how the fuck I'm gonna get to x
Stressing how to get the check
Big chains? Fame? Critical acclaim?
Man, I don't bother with games
When we talking about change
Two coins start the chain
To million dollars of change
Seems right when I'm on the mic
That I recognize greats
You outta town acts
Better go back and check the names

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