Frr frr frr yea
Shh shh shh yea
I been writing in the same notebook
For bout like 4 years
All the stuff I went through
By my self I ain't shed no tears
We ain't pointing fingers who to blame
You don't wan' go there Yea I'm hot
Yea I'm hot
Yea I'm hot
Yea I'm hot
Yea I'm hot
Yea I'm hot
Yea I'm hot
Yea I'm hot
Yea I'm hotYea I'm hot
Ain't no need for stressing
Told my momma we on top
You say that you work so hard
But you can't give a lot
Yea my brother's got my back
You know that we don't stop
Tell Drizzy I grind so hard
I'll see him at the top
Gotta keep my head low
Gotta watch out for the opps
First week back in Newark
Yea I saw my homie popped
I don't trust no females
All they do is sell dey WAP
We going do it my way
Yea I feel like fetty wapI feel like I'm Romeo
Don't need no Juliet tho
Family got eyes on me
Tell them I don't need no stress
Either way, I won't stop
Tell them i'm still going get blessed
Life could be so tricky
I feel life is like a testYEA I'M HOT
Ninja like hidden leaf
Big bark I'm a dog I just got some bigger teeth
Can't press ima break the leash
Shoot off like a gun can't stop me there's no release
Get loose interrupt the peace
A youngin from jersey I'm coming straight out the east
Big balling cause I'ma beast
I hop on the beat I think it's my time to eatBreak Flow like distructo disk
Fall in the pit it's a bottomless abyss
Too hot I never miss
I bet this choppa love giving you a kiss
Move hot I'm never stiff
I feel like I'm falling stage diving off of a cliff
Greatness you're witnessing
Said I'm a star and I really believe that shitFeel like I'm going crazy
I've been snapping and rapping since I was a lil baby
Nobody could ever change me
Mind moving too fast it'd be stupid to try to chase me
Or try to race me
Get to the bag I won't fumble I'm watching like I'm the safety
Still hard when I'm feeling lazy
I'm dropping off dimes I'm feeling like playoff Brady
Like I'm really going in
All time greats I consider them all my kin
It's an Awakening
Scraping the bs I throw it all in the bin
Playing games like the sims
Paws getting dirty you taking shots to the chin
I'm moving in the wind
Rap like a demon my words turning to a sin (Turbo)We gon spin onnat' bin again
If she say don't want me then
I'm coming at her friend
Always say ian got no friends
If they step in the party they coming in with bad intent
He get put up just like a tent
Ain't a body that ran they mouth and they did not get hit
I can't lie think I'm heaven sent
I be spitting my game
Think I'm cool like a peppermintWatch when I touchdown Brady
Ian neva give a reason to hate me
Mad cuz his girl wanna date me
Face it yeah my last name greatest
First name ever straight to the bag I'm racing
Ain't no strag I'm chasing
This big gas I'm facingWe them boys who be with them boys who be out there ganging
I coulda left them hanging
I can't change now my all on they playlist
I wasn't out there banging
I was in the stu making life changing
Ian have to rehearse this
Came in the Stu and I left the Stu perfect
They say I'm too cocky sorry baby but that's better than nervousYea I'm hot
Yea I'm hot
Like I been with Kobe hit my shot (And that's on uh)
If I send a verse it ain't going flop
Yea I'm hot
Yea I'm hot
Yea I'm hot
Yea I'm hot

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