Clouds lyrics

Draw me near
I need You here
Will You send down the rain?
I need a refreshing
Oh, I want You here
Oh, will You stay right here by me?
You send down the rain
'Cause I need, woah
Oh-oh-oh, yeah
No, these clouds ain't goin' nowhere, oh [Verse 1]
Take me back
Once again with You
Reach out for You
Oh, I'm reaching out for You
Only You fill this void
Only You
Let the church [?], oh-ooh
You're covering me[Interlude]
Covering me
Cover me, yes
Cover me, oh, yes
Oh, yes
Cover me[Verse 2]
Loving You is еasy (Loving You is easy)
Gave my life nеw meaning
You quiet my soul (Ooh)
Take my hand and lead
Lead me by Your waters
You refresh my soul[Bridge]
You walk with us
Through the valley of the shadow of
Our darkest days, and You will keep us safe
You keep me from falling[Chorus]
Draw me near
Oh, I need You here
Oh, yeah, yeah
Refreshing, oh, I want You here
I need You here
Oh, stay right here

Jeremiah Paltan, Faith Lofi – Clouds

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