*From Snippet*
[Verse 1: Jehry Robinson]
So you told him once, you told him twice, yeah
Had his license in his right hand
Held it up, he made it quite clear
Shot him twice, his wife was right there
See he was black, the cop a white man
Fuck all that, it's been a nightmare
Keep his picture on the nightstand
Kids keep asking where their dad been
But mama been staying up crying, acting like everything gonna be just fine
She keep a gun under the mattress, sometimes she just put it right under her eye
She ain't gonna do it, but maybe shе'll do it
Don't act like you don't ever fantasizе
The life that we living, I fight for my women
I'm white and I'm privileged, bitch I will admit it
But hoping that don't take away what I built
Came up in a room full of wolves
Couple of thousand they out in the crowd and they screaming I'm giving 'em chills
So if I got this platform, I'm gonna take action and tell 'em how people [?]
Don't let 'em keep you in cages, fuck if they think that we crazy [Pre-Chorus: Jehry Robinson]
Changes, we all need some changes
I'm using my patience
Frankly I've been waiting, waiting
They say I need a vacation
They are too complacent tolerating hatred
[Chorus: Jehry Robinson]
It's all just colors
This to every person, every nation, every race and creed
And they said they love us
But they only teach us all the hatred, animosity and greed[Verse 2: Hi-Rez]
I can only speak to all the things that I have done
Things that I've seen

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