[Hook] Nobody gets out alive until the cops arrive
It's a dirty job but somebody gotta do it
I cause more scare than Godzilla
Made the church people on your block wanna move out
Nobody gets out alive until the cops arrive
It's a dirty job but somebody gotta do it
My style is wild like pitbulls trapped in cages
Made the church people on your block wanna move out[Verse 1: Crypt the Warchild]Every rhyme I write is 25 to Life
Every rhyme you write don't even deserve a mic
Crossing international borders with a bomb threat
You motherfuckers haven't even left your block yet
You're a bitch, you're a ho, here's a prom dress
You wanna try to box with God it's no contest
So keep on thinking this shit is sweet
I'mma start a sandstorm and put you under the Middle East
You got it fucked up homie, I've been a beast
Reptilian tongue and my skin is deep
Rumor has it they say I'm thrown off
Until their limbs is everywhere, wigs is blown off
[Verse 2: Jus Allah]Is that the cast of a death mass?
Is that water in a red glass?
Why, I'd thought you'd never ask, it's as legend has
There's a method to the mad, it's direct and fast
Disconnected from the guest it's a second-class
I have left a trail of debt, checks in the mail
Heads or tails, death prevails, never fails
I will never get derailed, that tip is stale
I will never get to hell, that ship has sailed
I'm refined, mastermind after cash and kind
Hand me gunshot pantomime, axe to grind
Pass into the sublime have a laxing time
Have a glass of wine, have your last act of kind[Verse 3: Planetary]Everything they say is irrelevant
I'm an element of rap that defines pure elegance
Elevating my residence, bigging them up
I'm in the hood rocking JMT shit in the truck
Not I Against I because I don't sleep on my stomach
I rock Heavy Metal Kings and watch the barrel of the gun twitch
You're talking dumb shit, hooting and hollering
I lift the cannon and wait for the bazooka to swallow them
I'mma do this regardless of them, I'm the original
Dirty rotten scoundrel surrounding your pinnacle
Block the perimeter, I'll hit you with the fadeaway
Got a bullet with your name on it for a rainy day
[Verse 4: Doap Nixon]So many days, so many nights
So much money got fucked up, so many fights
So many niggas got knuckled down for no reason
So many cowards got guns but don't squeeze them
Yeah, that's just the way it is
I finally got a whiz that's ready to bless the sun with a hundred kids
So I can fall back, Ralph Lauren straw hat
Sour Diesel already showed you I'm all that
I won't stop trying to ride on you assholes
First week sales donated to Daschel
You think I'm bugging right?
But it's these zeros in my bank account
That got me saying "Nigga, floss it right"[Verse 5: Vinnie Paz]My brain's vast as the sky is
My heart doesn't know what die is
Pyromaniac rap, Vinnie starts fires
Only an ignorant thought ignored Osiris
And that's why the enemy lost and caught virus
Where I'm from Gods, Earths, 85ers
Y'all ain't got heat underneath it's all wires
I'm on some Samhain shit with bonfires
My whole team animal thug and born liars
You ain't aware of what any the 12 Tribes is
You're a devil who tell the enemy where God is

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