Here's to new, new beginnings
I decided to re-record this since I was off-beat
And it's my most popular song, why not? [Verse 1]
Look, I don't wanna get too cocky
But once I start rapping, nah, y'all can't stop me
I'm rapping to the beat like my name is Rakim
And I'm climbing to the top like my name is Rocky
Stuntin' on y'all: Evel Knievel
Whip right past y'all like I'm a Sneasel
Worm right to the top like I'm a Weedle
Paintin' on y'all like y'all are easels
I don't know what a Kahoot is
If it ain't Quizlet, it ain't nothing of my business
And Quizizz ain't something I'm messing with
Don't use a bad name or you about to get kicked
Maybе the teacher missеd it or twisted it
But I'm a trick candle, dude: I always stay lit
I got the slickest shit that I can only spit
I got a question for y'all: Can I kick it?
I got bars like 6ix9ine's behind
I'm receding like Uche's hairline
I hate my voice, but I like my lines
I didn't twisted that, but I still sound like crap
I'm new to this, don't get mad
Here's the issue, I ran out of bars, see?
Got no bars, it's time to flee
Yee, I'm coming back[Verse 2]
I don't think I'm a professional
I think Gabe is a raging homosexual
Not Gabe Hughes, I mean Gabe Stokes
I only exist because the condom broke
There was no investment of their own
Why you listening to rap from a fifteen year old?
I need to stop, for when I get the mop
And my veins pop
Should I keep going? Not though
I really actually gotta go
I hope you enjoyed that rendition though

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