[Intro: Ella Grace]
This is all, hands on deck
Calling out to the lost boys and girls [Verse 1: Dominic Garcia]
I'm gettin' tired of the disrespect
We won't stop 'til we rule the world[Verse 2: Ella Grace]
They ain't seen nothing yet
Tell 'em who's in charge so they don't forget
My name? Uma, Uma, Uma![Verse 3: Jasmella Laing]
Until the night falls, everyone
We'll stay together, 'til the battle is done[Verse 4: Kieron Faming]
No, we won't break
We're more than Flesh and Bone[Outro: Jarrett Blandin]
Flesh and Bone
We're more than that
Flesh and Bonе
We're more than that

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