[Intro: Diane Covarrubias]
One for all, no wristband required
One for all, get hype, get excited
We're Zomcendants! Yeah!
One for all, one for all [Verse 1: Jarrett Blandin]
VK'S, Zombies, Werewolves, Humans
Zomcendants Let's Go![Verse 2: Cast of Ways to Be Wicked]
We are the call, we are the call
We are the Call to the Wild
Do it, do it like the Zombies Do![Verse 3: Jarrett Blandin]
Until the night falls
It's Good to be Bad
Until the night falls, Good to be Bad[Verse 4: Nicholas Gonzales]
Start a chain reaction
Never let it stop
Let's set it off
[Verse 5: Leonard Hoge]
We're gonna be alright
'Cause We Own the Summer
Bamm, oh man, oh man[Verse 6: Mia Bjeljac]
Let me tell you something
You can really trust
Everybody's got a wicked side[Verse 7: Jarrett Blandin]
Yeah, I'm Gonna Own It
You can watch me Shine
This is Gonna be My Year[Verse 8: Jasmella Laing]
We Got This, one for all
One for all, get hype, get excited
We're fired up![Verse 9: Kieron Faming]
We're Gonna Break this Down
We're Gonna Rock the Town
Break it Down (Down)[Outro: Jarrett Blandin]
Zomcendants, Let me hear you say

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