[Verse 1]
Aye hol’ up this not the outro
Hearin’ hella people say that I needa get out more
But I ain’t ask for two cents homie so keep your mouth closed
They knew J would be cold, I’m steady workin’ it out though
Yeah, check this out lil’ homie I just been chillin’
Never feel regret in this crazy life that we livin’
I just really get to thinkin’ when it come to my decisions
Wonder how shit would be if I really just went and missed it
And well, that’s just a thought that tends to linger around
When I’m up at 3am and start to tune out the sound
Of all the ambient noisе really focused on crowds
And I be in thе stu daily, got my head in the clouds
I be moving so proud yeah, I’m set to comeback
Don’t be talking wordplay if you ain’t never done rap
Writing shit like everyday, been doin’ nothin’ but that
You only poppin’ at the sky but never gettin’ bucked at
So stop the tough act - [Verse 2]
You can be real without a body
But why do they stop me? This my style don’t try to copy -
Or bite off the flow, nowhere to go, so homie try me
You don’t want it wit me, I got my whole city watchin’
Notorious ENT, all of who wit me be locked in
So don’t be lyin’ tryna take the nice man route
Go ‘head and front, so I could try this right hand out
That’s word to L, hella influential, can you tell?
Rappin’ it very well, not buyin’ on what you sell
Put the pen right to the paper you know it ain’t nun major
Walk up in these rooms, checkin’ dudes that’s on their worst behavior
Nobody gon’ save ya, thumbin’ through a hunnid papers
But shit homie at least I’m honest, not like all you lames
Get too quick poppin’ flicks with whips not even in yo name
Was goin’ so insane, merging with pain
This not the outro just yet, I still got some things to say

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