Lurking Freestyle lyrics

Hitting a lick
Off the tip of my dick
Bitch you can blow Blunting a hit
Offa cigarette
Bitch you can go
*pew, pew*I'm a treasure (national)
Talent (natural)
Compare me to breasts
Plastic offa your chest
That's why they call you a (hoe, hoe)I'm a master at it's finest
Like a lord at it's highest
Bow down to your highness
Compare me to your bitch
Here's the latest pitch off of
"Hollywood's Finest"
I'm your mommy and daddy
The trouble you getting in
Bitch I'll never win
Not on my own list
Never top 10
What's the look of trouble you're getting in?
Yeah, my lyrics are inspired by Eminem
But still as explosive with
Just load the clips
Shotty in my whip
Shawty in my biz
Never messing with
Lyrics with
My arsenal
Not a soccer team
Hitting the seam
Like it's a pair of blue jeans
But I just ripped them
And I'm
Incredible Hulk in a figurine
Talking big green like I'm Jason AldeanStacking the flows on the guap
No backup plan if my first album flops
But when I rackup man
I will never stop
Last time I was slowed down was if I got pulled over by a cop
But it never really happened
I'm completely innocent
That's why I rap and I never plan
To ever fucking fail
Because I'm the fucking man
I'm humbled by these rappers but now for the time being
Attacking the bars
Like a jail cell
Not reception on a cell phone
Fucking up my flows
You opposed to my talent is you being a fool, hoe
Never reached the lyrical level with my shit
Never been fazed by shit
Not a diss
Not a pit
Not the grave that you're digging yourself in
When you go against this
Pitting the enemy against
JAKE on the beat
Never failed to deliver
If i ever have well please give a receipt
Dissing me is like a front row seat
When you're going to hell
I'm the devil on the beat
Revel in my glory
And I bask in it
My lyrical shots are a hit to the bread basket
Corny metaphors, do I got it?
Compare my emotions to a bank if I robbed it
Let me give an example of a drill
Cause you're screwed if you come after me for real
Just ask any of my past girls
I'm evilNo hesitation to witch-hunt a cunt or a fuck who's messing with me
Who wants it?
A diss or a bunt
Get smoked like a blunt
Grilling your ass like a sandwich
Wait what the fuck
Lost myself again
Found myself once but self-loath is a trend
Okay, so no more mumble rapper slam
Cuz we're all rapping and we're all a fam
Different categories
But real one's are who love the culture
And if we even fail
We still have self glory
So don't be ashamed
If you do it in Pac's name
Or a tribute to Big, Smalls, Proof, L or Big Daddy Kane
Paying homage to the OG's is the name of my game
If you don't respect OG's
Get the fuck off this game
Here's to NWA, Eazy-E, Raekwon, Scarface, and Schoolly D
Kool G Rap, Ice Cube, Ice T, Ghostface Killah, Spice 1, Too $hort, Bugz, Royce 5'9 and don't forget Jay Z
Nas, Black Thought, Rakim, 3 Stacks, Slim Shady and Lauryn Hill
Influence me to think rap ain't about pills
I don't do drugs
And don't need to
Rapping about adversity is what we was called to do
So don't challenge me on doing this for the culture
Especially if you specialize as a vulture
I'm doing this not just for the money or the green
But I wanna positively effect the peeps
Listening to this
I wanna save you
I wanna save me
I wanna do this for everyone in the game
I'm not just in it for the fame
Jake Music – Lurking Freestyle

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