Yeah, I got a story to tell
Something y’all need to know
Just need to get it off my chest Yeah
What if I told y’all I don’t belong?
I’m out of place
In every class period
Whenever I answer all the shit, I’m wrong
I got a failed life, no hopes
And I
Doubt I’ll be living long
Nor I hopeNow what if I said this shit could be prevented?
You coulda stopped it, but then ya didn’t
Maybe I wanna say it’s your fault
Shit it is, but I can say it’s not
Yeah, what if I said it’s your fault?
Or what if I say it’s not?Yeah, yeah (I can say it’s not)
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, but it’s all your fault
Bitch!Now what if I said I wish I never met ya?
They were good memories but worsе ‘cause I let ya
In my life
Thе depression, attempted suicide
And you’re still seen as innocent in my eyesAnd, imagine if I went another level
Because I’d never claim I’m a God
But ‘cuz I got caught by the devil
Normal people say it’s alright
But it’s really not ‘cause we’re just all innocent rebelsWait, rewind clocks, just a second
Imagine life if we never met and
Would it be the same if we never talked
Or would you feel a different feeling if my heart stopped?

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