Omertà Freestyle lyrics

Soon as the music going the juices flowing
Open  faucet, I ain’t passing even if you was open
You’d  a lost it, I don’t panic I just go do the most and
Hear the racket, across the net like the US Open
Through the motions I go, bumping this all on repeat
Can’t  fall to defeat, so imma need y’all to delete
Any  attempt to group me with any these fucking goofies
You placing Hall of Famers with dudes who ball in D-League
Blasting  this full volume might blow out the speakers
Fuck showing mercy a straight blow out is needed
The type of dub with 6 minutes till it’s up
But already half the opponents fans done rolled out the bleachers
From  the heat, Gatz tryna blow like a desert eagle
Beating this many odds should make the bets illegal
My threat is lethal, tell the others we ain’t never equal
They form opinions when I barely even met the people
Guess I just get the ego, straight from my idols
Fuck going viral, I’d rather my basis vital
No love for rivals, this shit we in is survival
A vicious cycle, haters spiteful, they tryna stifle
So I stay mindful, slice the apples right from the bible
And I’m blowing up your spot if I hear you got the title
Hate sitting idle, but this the plan of god
So some days where I feel like I’m just standing by
I know that up above I gotta let that man decide
But I’ll be damned if I don’t believe what I can defy
So other days I feel like I’m Kawhi Leonard
And the only thing stopping me a 5’5 center
As I enter I need the trumpets playing I’m rightfully
Aligning myself with the fucking killer of dynasties
Switch hoops for the booth I see no differences minus the
Braids with the fade, cuz the traits are all mightily
Similar and imma keep on killing till finally
I got my trophy room filled with a variety
Of prizes that are priceless for as far as the eye can see
Long as I get there, dawg the journey is fine with me
Make my moves quietly, need my privacy I hate attention
While I see em chase that shit like it’s they profession
Ain’t the wave I’m on, and it’s never too late to mention
I really ain’t the one, that you should ever aim to question
Built to keep it zip, cuz I live by the code of silence
Hand over my heart, did my best to say no to violence
Even though my soul, got the anger to roar with lions
I’m pulling out the stops, that I can to avoid the sirens
All I really need is more comfort and less stress
Tryna do it big, while y’all do it in XS
Till we in excess, grind like I’m all for it
Can I get an encore, tell me do you want more
I came for the win, I can’t cruise I’m shifting gears
The mic like night traffic at the Strip I get busy here
I was working right down the block from where Drizzy near
At this rate I’ll make his pay an hour in sixty years
How could I ever be jealous that shit just motivation
I know one day imma get it and I been known for patience
If you was sitting thinking I fell off you so mistaken
I’m still kicking down locked doors like a home invasion
Victim of overthinking, know they won’t understand us
Truly I hate the cameras, reply with one word answers
Cuz I’m staying two steps ahead like ambitious dancers
And I stay cutting ties quick cuz y’all bitches cancers
Not cuz you born in July but you a thorn in the side
Ready to fuck up all the shit we done sworn to get by
So road to glory I’m 80 miles past ya
Jimmy the only time I’ll look up to a child actor
So y’all could dial back the, judgement I’m fucking
Staying stone faced for this mission so listen I’ll only smile after

Jag Gatz – Omertà Freestyle

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