(Latanya Alberto & Tera Kora)
I wanna say things, but I'm quiet (Ohh). You make me wanna share all my brown chocolate (Ohh). I wanna do things all I promised to you, unless you don't want me to (don't want me to). So me change the mood (mood), get in my way, you could be my getaway (uhh). So maybe baby, don't (don't) sold out the flow (flow), you're my favorite temple. This body temperature keeps rising up, when I've got you in my eye view (uhh). I just want you, yeah (you). You, (I just want) (you), I just want you, yeah (I just want you)! (Jael)
Got some things, I really wanna say. Is you ready for them better days? Got that sugar like lemonadе, all I wanna do is serenade. Lеt me holla at you baby! I wanna sip this brandy, feeling comfortable like we on some henny. She told me baby, I'm taking that remy, cause I just wanna do all the things that you want me to. Baby girl, I'm feeling you. You just gotta say my name, you make me wanna ease your mind, ease your pain. So tell me if you want the same, who am I to blame, if you're tryin to play games. Let me reassure why you do, all the things that you do(Hook) (Latanya Alberto & Tera Kora)
Baby, I just wanna say
Baby, I just wanna say
SomethingLet me the dark away, show me that I'm here to stay, with you!(Hook) (Repeat) (2x)(Outro)
Baby, now wait a minute
Cause I just want a minute of your time
I ain't trying to--
Push your limits, (limits) but I am the limit
And even if it don't mean
Anything to you
You're in my head
You're in my head
I don't want this to be fantasy, but I want this to be true
To be true(Hook) (Repeat) (2x)

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