Jerk a nigga off for free
I know I'm gay, I like that meat
Pull up, watch my booty bleed
Dicks the only thing I need I got gay wives overseas
Playin with balls like FIFA
Im on his dick like Mia Khalifa
I got nut they envy meIm with the gays, man I'm with the trannys, man what was you thinking
Remember them days when we getting hard, that nigga was drinking
If I give you my heat, then you know I was fighting them demons
Im eating his ass, Im drinking his nut, Im getting that semonI was thrown in the deep end
I know nut be drinking
Pull up on me nigga
I was struggling, thinkingMy niggas be gays
Sucking dick on the low
You know that we gay
We be on your hoeIm with the gays and you know that we suck
Suck a nigga and I get in his butt
Fuck a nigga then I get in the cut
Eat his ass, cuz I like it in the buttIm gay, Im liking a tranny
Fuck with yo bitch, I fuck on yo granny
Fucking yo uncle, I fuck with his nuts
Im not scared to stick it in his buttIm in his balls and he finna splooge

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