Uhh, uh
Fuck.. the.. frail shit
Uhh, cause when my coke come in
They gotta use the scales that they weigh the whales wit [Styles]
Carsons on the jeep, but Gotti made the prototype
Hoped you get the picture but you just can't photo light[Jadakiss]
Determined niggas make it
Kickin down the door and we burnin niggas naked[Styles]
The house costs a million, sittin on the beach
And the only thing I know - if it's furnished, I'mma take it[Jadakiss]
My bathtub lift up, my walls do a 360
We got the shit that the government got
Talkin money then you rubbin the spot[Stlyes]
Real niggas say that they be wildin
We on the Cayman Islands; on a yacht wit our favorite albums[Jadakiss]
A bad ho and a plate of salmon
Smokin and drinkin, nigga is you thinkin that our fate is violent?[Styles]
I love my nigga for the fact that he real
And nobody on the faculty squeal, what[Jadakiss]
And if you facin capital pun, pass me a gun
And I'mma give you time to run, while I rapidly peel, uh[Hook 2X: Jadakiss]
We.. gon'.. make it
We gon' make it, we gon' make it[Eve]
Uh, c'mon
E-V-E, call it a bug in your ear, you never kill
Still woulda been a threat to you bitches without a deal
Life a little liver, I went from hangin out to socializin
Mind frame change once the dough arrives
You bitches happy with a touch and a thrill, I need a lot of paper
My stimulation comes from snatchin up deals
How many times I gotta tell you, silly?
Don't no corny shit come outta Philly
And I'mma push it 'til the world feel me
I'm still as hungry as the day I began
And gettin comfortable to let you in ain't part of the plan
I need some private jets, fly to islands to watch the sun set
A country ranch with throughbreds as pets
Nothin less than the rich bitch, and watch me take it
Chickens ain't a threat to the girl, we gon' make it
Keep it crackin like you wouldn't believe, Double R
Hot shit, the hottest shit, Styles, Jada and Eve, what?[Hook][Styles]
It's about time I blow
And if I don't do my numbers dog I still got my aces
We robbin industry niggas, hands on your jewels
And if it's money in the pocket, then DeNiro gotta take it
A dog caught a body, still runnin, that's the basics
First nigga in the hood to get his car a facelift
All my niggas know more money, more cases
Front if you want, that's my gun in yo' faces
My reputation alone should speak for itself
I come prepared with the chrome and bust the heat for myself
I got a little brother in heaven, my niggas on the corner
In the yard that'd love to see the God or the seven
Point 5-4-I-L might not sell, but what the FUCK
When it comes to bein' hard, I'mma legend
Double R, Styles +is the streets+
And the kids pick up shit quick, they gotta see they fathers eat
And my niggas is all I got
So if I gotta go to war with y'all team I'm leavin all y'all shot[Hook][Styles speaking over Hook]
That's right, we gon' make it
We got no choice but to make it
We got kids to feed, we got people in jail that need packages
We brothers on the corner, we gotta make them step their game up
We gotta stop gettin arrested
We gon' make it, we gon' get this paper
I swear we will

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