[Verse 1 : Jadakiss] I’m the nigga with the perpetual oyster bars
[?] pearl delivery, voice of god
And it’s hard just being a boss B
And I can’t go to jail cause them years’ll cost me
Don’t get me wrong, lay a nigga down if he force me
I’d rather just sit back and roll the dutch
Think about how I’ma put the game in a cobra clutch
Think about how I’ma get the caine over customs
Never underestimate niggas or over trust them
Yeah them M’s is right in my face
I just gotta throw my Timbs on and tighten my lace
If it don’t jam the Tec will stray
When I spit everybody gotta split like pepper spray
Cause I’m a nigga that hate to settle
And I’m a man of the lord but I still can’t shake the devil
Moved away and still can’t escape the ghetto[Verse 2 : Sheek Louch]It’s plain to see niggas can’t change me
I’ma be a nigga for life
I could’ve went all commercial on niggas
But I kept it in the hood
D-Block motherfucker that’s right
[Verse 3 : Jadakiss]I know how to get my peers off me
Make ‘em cry or die from high blood pressure
‘Cause tears insult me
[?] if you bobbing your head
You know that he’s sick
You know the flow is ridic’
Now throw him a grip
Y’all get it? You already know
I’m throwing them bricks
Putting purple everywhere daddy
I’m throwing ‘em knicks
That’s right homie you can’t move me
I ain’t going nowhere
I’m in the hood like bootleg movies
All you shoot is the breeze, a bootleg Uzi
I’m just waiting on a Q like Suzie
Don’t lose me
These penitentiary chances that I take
Should be able to get the mansion by the lake
But I invest my bread into something else
And there’s something else
That’ll make something melt
You just gotta feel the kid
If not rap? For the face of how real he is
[Verse 4 : Sheek Louch]The countdown to armageddon
You done did it now
I’m on a all time high
Ain’t a glass of milk out
That could bring it down
Pay attention now
Make ‘em squint when I spit
Like “You heard that shit?”
That nigga Lou zany
I ain’t the trainee I’m a general nigga
I could break the streets down
To a minimal nigga
Kill you quicker, you don’t wanna bleed
Your boy Louch dope like white people weed

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