The Strongest On the Shelf lyrics

[Intro: Jadakiss]
Paint me purple and call me Barney!
Light up!
Aha! Yeah!
The Champ is Here [Jadakiss Scratches by DGL]
Professional hood shit, look how I get back to it
Motherfucking gangsta Kiss
(ya heard?)
And it’s more, it’s not like after this, I’m through
No love this time, nigga

(Tell ‘em it’s the Kiss of Death)[Intro 2: Jadakiss & DJ Green Lantern]
This motherfucking crack music!
Yeah! You know who it is!
State your name
Kiss of Death, motherfucker!
Let’s go! (Alchemist!)
Definitely the strongest shit on the shelf
You already know
Double R, D-Block
Off that Alchemist album
Yeah, what, yo, yo[Verse: Jadakiss]
Listen, the thugs need it, hoes gon’ use it
Me? I’m just a young nigga that make old music
Ugh, shit is real, I put the emph on the four
Keep it with me ‘cause possession’s nine tenths of the law
Here I am, going all out again, doing all that I can
Even had a daughter born out of sin
Nigga, I make pain cinematic
I spit dope and you been a addict, treat beef like jail
Summertime, something big with the scope
Under the winter jacket; I use the winner tactics
And I know you tryna play the role
But bullets the wrong shit to interact with
I hurt the game, hurt ravine
Soon as you murk something, these niggas’ll chirp Janine
Yeah![Outro: DJ Green Lantern]
Nah, man
Too early for that
Alchemist album coming out this summer!

Jadakiss – The Strongest On the Shelf

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