The Passion of Kiss lyrics

Five, twenty seven, seventy five
Between eleven and twelve noon
Is when the god opened his eyes
Here's his start, Kiss came years apart
Born light but his hands and his ears were dark
Soon after his colors was shiny
Turned into the brown skinned, raspy, one of a kind
His personality spans are numerous
Gentleman, intelligent, athletic, a thug and humourist
He been a threat from the hood to the internet
And everybody ate but he ain't even had dinner yet
Niggas tryna drop their shit, just warn 'em
Whoever ya'll think can spit, I spit on 'em
Nigga ah-tew right in his face
Before he can wipe it, I cock two right in his face
Nowadays a nigga need two knives
To put your muh'fuckin' waves right next to your Evisu sign
His half is ten so we got diesel dimes
Niggas that like throwing bids feel they need some time
Uh...yeah, it's the passion of kiss
Kiss of Death, June fifteenth that's it

Jadakiss – The Passion of Kiss

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