[Verse] Yo Kiss of Death, letting the semi ring
You know they say if you don't stand for nothing
You'll fall for anything
Preferably I'd rather hustle than do stick ups
Call me, your number's blocked, I ain't gon' pick up
This is much more than you seeing
And you touch more when you ringing
I'm in a four door european
Still going through the nonsense y'all
Listening to niggas bullshitting on the conference call
Till you leave them with open flesh
My base got the fiends damn near
Smoking they self to death
You can feel it inside you heart
My life is a double edged sword
And both sides are sharp
It's facts in the talk
I'm the only nigga right now
That can bring the game back to New York
And I don't wanna hear jack
You got a gun? Where it at?
Coupe is the same color as the nine-five Air Max
Yeah I'm a gentle boss that'll send you back to heaven
Make a nigga dental floss with the Mac-11
In front of the store, breaking down on a crate
I'm working out now and not eating after eight
Let 'em know I'm a monster right now
And the empire's about to be conquered right now
And all you gon' hear about is Yonkers right now
And I own a couple pair of shoes...
Yeah but I'm the don of Nike Town
The haze is purple, the diesel is sour
It's a shame that most people evil with power
But the key to surviving, dog, is logic
And it's a lot riding on this project
All I know is death is coming nigga
And getting money is the object

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