[Verse 1 : Jadakiss] I don't take a lot of advice
My lifestyle's product and dice
And guns that'll target your pipe
It's sort of life approaching the don
Wrong word, wrong vibe
Four-five will leave most of you harmed
Move coke through the ocean
Paid off the coast guard
Sailed out to Cuba made dure shit's potent
Violence with caution
And ain't too many niggas you know
That got polished transporting
Egg-nog whip, four door Ferrari
Two M16's, I beg ya'll flip
I'm the hardest nigga you know
Check it out, turned forty keys to eighty
When I get in the dough
So I flash like cameras, blast like hammers
I worry 'bout you lil niggas just like your grandmas
Get shit jumping like the play offs
Every twenty minutes a day
Give or take, I knock a K off
Been in the hood for real long
Catch me anywhere and I got a half a mil on
Jada, kiss you now, you die now
Why later? Double R and D-Block[Verse 2 : Sheek Louch]All these sweet ass niggas give me space
Basic look, something light but I'm heavy at chase
Let the nine blow out your face
Better hope I roll 4,5,6, cause it's on if I ace
Motherfuckers ain't hard, you pussy god
I treat the whole New York like the yard
Stick to myself, nigga front, Sheek pulling his card
I don't think these niggas got brains
Knowing that I'm working with, ahh, little bit of change
And will hop out the drivers side of the Range
And shoot all around like a young Dan Ainge
Sheek get it popping like a dope head's veins
With two dancers with me but not like Kane's
You as fake as these T.V. shows
I ain't watching but I know how the ending goes
Mad holes through the side of your Benz
Everybody running off, nothing like the finale of Friends
You talk greezy but it's only talk
You don't mean no harm like George do Weezie
When Sheek have beef it's like Dre and Eazy
Big and Pac, somebody better leave me
It's D-Block, celebrate nigga
Everything cool, I got my smoke and lil bit of liquor

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