[Intro] This is the motherfucking
Champ is Here mixtape!
Green Lantern, Big Mike
Jadakiss, ah-hah!
I'd like to thank y'all for coming out tonight
You know, I'd like to thank y'all
For rocking with me
Supporting that Kiss of Death album
Supporting Ruff Ryders
Supporting D-Block
But right now we 'gon go back
You know I ain't that old or nuttin'
But I got a keen memory ya heard
Ah-hah![Verse]My aim is to get y'all open
Early 80's, coke was fluffy, way more potent
Moc necks, knitteds, BK's, British
One big party, [?]
Plus the EK's was out too
The way money was coming
No way they could doubt you
BVD's over the white tee's
Kangol buckets, pinstripe Lee's
Then niggas switched the set
To the college hats, Avia's, Discus sweats
It's coming back clearer
Niggas was pushing the big 9-8's
With the little dogs in the mirror
They gotta argue while they gamble
Before the philly and the dutch
Niggas rolled up in bamboo
Reason everybody was fresh
Grams was like 17 dollars or less
My nigga, pits is locking, bitches flocking
Way more beat downs than pistols popping
This right here is an offical doctrine
From a smart young real nigga with options

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