Aha, the champ is here
Double R, ride out [Verse]
Inquiring minds wanna know
Everybody wanna blow, every nigga that hustle wanna O
Every RnB diva's a freak on the low
Take a real special nigga to grind and get it slow
Most dudes get caught in they feelings
And react off emotions, damn near resort to killing
See me i'm strictly 'bout my bread
Niggas and family, everything else is dead
After the state, everything else is feds
After the hawk everything else is lead
Outside of the bentley coupe
It's milk white with chrome stocks, everything else is red
Yeah, Kiss shit blazin, i copped your new shit
I hated the songs but the skits was amazing
Back by popular demand of the hood
Mean oufit half ounce hammer and I'm good
Better start using your head
And I can't name 10 hot rappers without including the dead
I can move the haze and hard white and be fine
But after 10 years i just want what's rightfully mine
It's a shame that i feel like that
But the truth is June 15th I'ma feel like Gap, what
Just, just warn 'em, whoever ya'll think can spit I'll spit on 'em
Niggas tryna drop they shit, just warn 'em
Kiss of Death[Outro]
Music makes these thugs calm down
Music makes these thugs calm down

I'm old school i still clean my jewels w/ toothpaste
All the way down, music makes these thugs calm down

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