A Trip to the South (DJ Green Lantern Mix)




Hold a 44 from the side angle
Gunshots below the waist, make ya thigh dangle
Uh you know Kiss - all I do is puff hem all day
Gettin' money in the Bluff or on M.L.K Since they brought gold back, I bought me a gold MAC
To explode I leave ya back on Old National
I'm in a gentlemen's club, with gentlemen thugs
But they call my hood pool dog cause we swimmin' in drugs
Get high, get drunk, and we get shit crunk
Violate you might die or just get jumped
Jadakiss, Lil' Jon and them Eastside Boyz
D-Block, every nigga got at least five toysDouble R till they put me in the ground
And I come back as a bullet, nigga put me in the pound
Stop actin' like a bitch you scared
What up niggas the remix, put yo hood up niggasThe 40 cal. is full and I'm waitin'
No matter what county I'm in, Dekalb, Cobb, Fulton or Clayton
Muah baby, you know who it is, the kiss of death;
If the world was sucka free, it just be me and my niggas leftI ain't neva scared, I got big hammers everywhere
In places where you need yo passport at, I'm heavy there
It's time we get even here, when I put the game back
In it's proper perspective, this time leave it there
You can think whachu want, til I blow the back of yo brains out
And see if you can think with yo front
Like a new single, make sure you leak for a month
Treat yo face like a buffet, and tell my niggas "Eat whachu want"
You'ono nuthin' about puttin' a couple hundred thousand on the table
And tell yo niggas "Keep whachu want"
It's usually hate or somethin' stupid that a nigga die for
So whachu think we outside for?

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