40 Bars of Terror lyrics

6 shots out of the wesson
So much purple, a drought is out of the question
Blow ya heart out of your chest and
Lay low in a Trump duplex down on the west end
Focus on what I invest in
Got married to marijuana, yeah
And the connect is my best man
Even though the game gon' change
It's the same old thing
Most of my cash came off cane
I'm in the 6-4-5 nigga with deuce dueces
White pipe, late night creepin' with 2 deuces
Old head told me can't save money you useless
And all you gon' ever have is excuses boy
What the fuck ya'll think I make music for
And I'm out to get a gallon of water
My man on lock down but flood the Island with quarters
Move work from Denver to DC like Portis
O.T. the whole winter, see me like August
And I still rip a nigga beat like I bought it
And they say it's my time so I'm glad I caught it
My bars could be smoked in the pipe or snorted
I'm just makin' it cl-iz-ear
The ch-iz-amp is h-iz-ere
The g-iz-ame is mi-zi-ne niggas
This y-iz-ear
Glock with a full clip
Ya'll keep droppin' that bullshit
Til' you get popped like a bull whip
Plan is to amaze ya
And even when they try to make the God dress up
I got the hammer in the blazer
Step my game up from the potato to the laser
So you gone need surgery even if it graze ya
Motha' fuckin' kiss ah' death nigga
Double R, D-BLOCK, and you know the ghost is next nigga
Can't find you, we just smoke the next nigga
Never hold nothin' in, you supposed to check niggas
Whoever you can think of is garbage off-hand
Never forget how to make a profit off grams
I just sold my house, I made a profit off land
The beamer's on eBay, I got that off Cam'
You never woulda thought Martin was knockin' off Pam
We got riders in every market nigga they all fam
Yea yea, I design these things
And you know I'm in the hood like Chinese wings

Jadakiss – 40 Bars of Terror

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