Rich Gang
You (Aw, no)
Yeah [Verse]
I'm thinkin' of ways (Right?)
Been thinkin' for days (Nah)
Can we do something different?
Girl, you see the difference between me and them lames (Nah)
Girl, we ain't the same (Nah)
Did he waste your time?
Are we wasting time? (Nah)
Or are we doing us? (What?)
I pull the camera out baby when you turning up (Recordin')
I get so weak in my knees I can hardly speak (Speak)
I got you gripping the sheets, spread your love all over me (Que)
Can I control your mind? (Can I?)
Girl, there will be no time for thinkin'
Take a shot, girl, keep on drinking (Wha?)
Girl, there will be no time for talking (Nah)
Girl, you know we both got options (Nah)
And now you get these bitches watching talkin' bout I'm wishy washy, yeah (Rich Girl)
You put it on me (Nah)
Got me watching, dripping on you (Okay)
He been trippin' on you (Okay)
You think you are something different don't you? (Wha? Wha? Wha?)
I'm gon' put it on you (Right?)
And when he call you, don't call back (Nah)
Two deep strokes and I'll fall back (What?)
We got time to do all that
Yeah, yeah
Can we start a wave?
Rich Gang
Girl, we the new wave
Rich Girl
Rich Gang
Hood Rich

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