Lyrics: I’m sittin here thinkin
Bout my baby
Do you miss me do you miss me not (not)
Tell me you love me when I hit dat spotYou know nobody gone put it down like me Longitude Latitude ya whole bodyAttitude bossy,neck and wrist stay frosty
Damn I built a monster I ain’t care what it cost meI know going back and forth to you get so enticingWe know this shit toxic (but we keep trying)How could my ex-girlfriend be my next girlfriendWhy would we be freakin’ every time when we linkin’Face down,phones on silent when we creepin’Evеry time you leave I’m fiеndin’And when the smoke clears
You know I’m gone be right hereBut loving you can get so severeInsecurity is what drove us here(Ohh) But if you don’t worry bout where
I’ve been or who I sawAnd know that your love gets me higher
New hoe’s fold faster than some shit out the dryerAnd you know that’s my baby she gone pout and Imma cash outLean and perk 30 pop that pop that till she crash outAnd she know her angles pop her shit without a filterTake her time to get fly like a caterpillarAnd she know my money long that Nigga spend bread crumbMy pockets ain't got no room,his bread short Lorna DooneTell ya boy to go and get his weight up
Even if he was a barber, he still wouldn’t make the cutSay you love me then go,see you will but you won’t,say you feel but you don’t,better off on my ownSomehow I keep, running back to you,running back to youWalk in the club of that Julio popping bottles of Belaire, find it hard to find something new in hereTemporary love don’t compareCrystal clear,I need you hereAnd feel like this party wouldn’t be shit if I wasn’t hereWith some scammers and some dog slappers,we in the rearCoke whiter than a band campNo runners all of em collectorsPull down ya block and make a scene shooting more than directorsAin't a number on a house so nigga please don’t address usOnly designers on our belts every time that we dress up
Shoot ,swish, never miss that Fo Five a LeBronAnd I’m aiming for the top
JVaughn it’s my time

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