Yeah, look how I came up
Yeah, ayy, look how I came up, nigga
Ayy, look [Verse]
Momma I came up
Cold as hell in New York but I flame up
Straight up out that dirty type of shit you cannot clean up
A dollar and a dream the only things I had to bring up
Now any nigga out there gunning for me gotta aim up
Say what, niggas ask me what the Ville be like
Just tell em that it's real, hoping that they me feel me, right
I'm so bright I close my eyes and I can still see light
I'm so live you motherfuckers gotta kill me twice
Man, I promise I'm murdering classics, paying my homage
The fifteenth of the month and I'm just now paying Mohammed
Said the rent's due on the first, but he don't know the shit
I been through and it hurts, can't wait to blow
Yeah, I think about heaven sometimes, can't wait to go
If it's real will I even get in, I ain't fo' sure
'Cause I've been sinning
Getting bent it's been a minute since I been
Up in a church
Only time is when my friend up in a hearse
Lord, I'm praying for my Momma
I just went up in her purse
Not to steal
All I saw was some bills and not a dollar
In sight
It’s time she lived a more desirable life
I'm chasing money
And dreams only God got the means to take em from me
I scheme while I'm riding through Queens
I ain't no dummy
A Fayettenam repper 'til the day I'm gone
Nigga get your weight up all the way up if you hating on me
Cause boy I might pray but ain't no preying on me
I'm hot like Satan just laying on me
So when you get to hell you can say you know me
I said I might pray but ain't no preying on me
So when you get to hell, you can say you know me

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