[Intro: Person 1, Person 2, ]
You gonna go find that white dress?
Alex, you know about the white dress
I swear he's chatting back to us, you know what I'm saying?
Yeah, I can actually hear him responding
I can hear him responding
Alright anyway, we'll leave you alone
Yeah, yeah, yeah football on Sunday
All the mandem
You man on that yeah?
Yeah everyone's on that
Alright we love you bro, in a bit
Where did you go
This guys gone
I don't trust Jude I think you're hiding[Verse 1: [email protected]]
Yo (Yo)
It's Ivan in the cut and you know it (You know it)
Tn's on my feet when I spaz on the beat (On the beat)
Put that shit on repeat
Drill is washed, it's time to outgrow it (It's time to outgrow it)
Shorts when I bop to the shop (To the shop)
And this vibe, yeah this vibe don't stop (Yeah this vibe don't stop)
Cause me and my bro's, we got all the flows and we cutting and trimming the crop (Cutting and trimming the crop)
I got a new ring so my hand is wetted
I know what I'm doing, premeditated (Premeditated)
Irrelevant guy, you're unrelated, that's what I stated (Stated)
Yeah, that's what I said (That's what I said)
I'm a big fried bear like I was from Ted (Was from Ted)
I'm just on my way to the bread
These bullets are bars not from no lead (Not from no lead)
[Verse 2: AL]
Yo, Yo, Yo
I'm extrapolating and decapitating when the bass is [?]
It's moving me, it's moving you
I'm tryna get a cleaner slate
[?] already is
How long will I be scrubbing
Lacklustre movements with my hand and it's like I'm moving nothing
Can I muster, black cluster of clouds in my head
To a higher state, I wanna make that bread
Moving [?] I shake it off
Moving British with the amount I bake it off
Godforsaken cough on this COVID
Got me procrastinating [?] waiting for something to happen
Green lights or is it red I can't remember
Cutting through these artificial situations
Got me chasing something blatant
Searching for alleviation, trust me bro I ain't got patience

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