[Verse 1]
You feel the pull of dark on your window pane
You fear the cold start of every day
The quiet snow’s a reckoning
You hide in walls, imagine pain Stepping out in the white glistening
The dark is bright, beckoning
You rise to top the mile
It’s sweet, you stop, you smile
It’s all you need without the sun
Run, Run, Run …[Verse 2]
The north has a thousand names for snow
And it’s the place you wanna go
To feel the fire of everything
To feel as light as early springThe trees they seem to know your name
They face the wind, the frozen rain
You move on, the road, down the street
Alone - the world at your feet
The moment everything is one[Chorus]
Run, Run, Run …[Verse 3]
Oh the silence can wait, make you feel you’re losing time
Oh the silence could break, make you feel you’ll lose your mind
Fear you’ll lose your mind[Chorus]
You run …

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