Oh, baby don't go (Please don't go)
But if you must, I guess I'll hold
(I've already waited this long) Now things are slow
I won't let my impatience rule my tongue
I'm lying to you, dying to know
I can cause a lot of hurt, you know that
Now the question is whether I'm worth the combat
'Cause so far nobody has ever called me backI've made a list of things I need to work at
Every night I find something to add
Now I use it as a welcome mat
(Please don't)
I've been measuring my worth, yeah (Let go)
Just tell me what I deserve, yeah (Please don't)
Tell me I'm a real piece of work, yeah
And I can cause a lot of hurt(Please don't)
Now I fell in love in reverse, yeah (Let go)
And I'm a little slow to learn, yeah (Please don't)
But you're just making it worse, yeah
(No, you don't)
And it's true that I hurt people, hurt people (No, no, you won't)
But that's not an excuse to leave (No, you don't)
And we know that worse people burn people (No, no, you won't)
That's not an excuse for me
You love to make me wait, I'm still on my own
I've always hated this song
Take so long
Don't you dare obstruct the roll I'm on
And I'm trying, but I'm doing it wrongI can cause a lot of hurt you know that
I've been measuring my worth, yeah
Everyone can feel it in the way I act
But so far, nobody has ever fought me back

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