Boxing Glove lyrics

Empty shell catch all the dirt
The echo lives inside
Locked in the chambers
Bouncing around the mind
Pure steel all strength and brawn
Empty vessel hollow inside
Diamond cutting and bright
All for of greed and pride Where is the love
The loss lands
Like a boxing glove
On broken handWhere is the break
The mind splits
From these hard hard hits
Yeah yeah I'm awakeEmpty shell catch all the dust
Broken vessel cast aside
Crushed down to nothing
To dirt they brеathe in time
Graphenе stunning and strong
The layers of wealth and might
Brilliant anthracite
Just reflecting light
I keep shaking but I'm trying to break free
I keep flipping but I want to forgive me
I keep running but I'm trying to break free
I keep hitting but won't you forgive meTime slips
Switch flips
Mind tricks
Tight grips

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