Shouts out to Isaiah Rashad
Kendrick Lamar
Alright, let's get it They cut my hands
And cut my head
Well, fuck the feds
The reddest necks
They want me dead
For yourself it
Could all depend
If your skin’s reppin’ melanin
Two white cops
Like some jealous twins
To represent the hell we're in
We separate from our blessings, manThe skin and flesh
Of a desperate man
Identical to the crested men
So why we gotta go arrest the man
With a work ethic of, like
Six of them
We bench press
All the jealousness
That they have
Over our zealousness
The white man
Shows intelligence
With ivy league
Only need
One black man
Who’s showin’ negligence
While it’s spreadin’
Like endemics, kid
That’s all we see
In these testaments
They beat our knees
To kill the messenger
To mess us up
To catch us upWith all the action
Packed ahead of us
The white man
Getting bread, as such
The white man
Still ahead of us
They tryin’
To finesse and cuck
Minorities, divided
By competitorsWith the presence
Of the priorities
Of Rolexes
And Lexuses
They photo us
Then they edit us
Like Grazia
With Lupita’s bun
Homie, I got nothing
To eat for lunch
So motherfuck all of y'all keeping up
Six feet deep
Cause they reach for us
They pull a Glock out
When you keep on getting pulled over for speeding, bruhThey reap us
Instead of cleaning up
The needles stuck
Because, this is how you make a fucking easy buckSo
This the type of life we enjoy
We pay a price, just for buying a voice
Try, take a bite, of the spite, we invoice (voice)The pain is creeping
We sustain an even
Amount of hate as a daily treatment
Wait for demons
Escape the heathens
Pray for peace, and
We wait for seasonsDon't concentrate on the pain
We'll weaken
Gotta stay strong
Like a lawn
Where the roots
Zoom and deepened
We gotta stay quiet
So ma, please
No weepin’
I'm just praying
That I go and get to
See the weekend
Please, believe me (Fuck!)So fuck your necklace
So fuck your present
Fuck your presence
You pretending
That you rich
Because you renting
Beamers, Benzes
Best protect it
Before somebody with a tec
Make you sweat, real reckless
Your possessionsLethal weapons
In the streets
That we have slept in
Please protect us
Need a weapon
So we enter
Endless loop of fools
Who been strapped in
By the individuals
Who think that they'd be pivoting
When they run through this process
Bitch, it's nonsense
But they run with the choice
The gun talk
Instead of talking with the sound of they voice
I guess the voice is becoming real coy (Damn.)We gotta deal with the walls
Being built with the crack spots
The white puppeteer
Noticed he hit the jackpot
You return
All your earnings you that you make
In a tax pot
Then get erased in the flames
And they saying (ooh!)
That's hotSo
This the type of life we enjoy
We pay a price, just for buying a voice
Try, take a bite, of the spite, we invoice (voice)Alright, lemme try writing this again
Gotta make sure it’s perfect

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