Man, you know I love you right?
You just got to be real with me, is you cheating on me? Nigga, there you go with that shit againBaby, you know how I feel about you, I'm trying to make this work
My guys keeping coming to me, telling me they seeing you and stuff
How this making me look? Buying you them rings
Them leathers, getting your hair done every week
Gotta let me know sumthin[Infamous Syndicate]
Look, if you don't trust me why the fuck is you with me?
Coming at me on some Jay Z shit, who you with?
Calling my cell, leaving crazy voicemails
Figured you can get me if you called my girl Nikki
But she was with me and I was home at seven fifty
But that was when he got technical with it
Talkin' 'bout he called my house at seven fifty nine
I don't keep up with the time, what the fuck you think I'm lyin'?
It all comes down to you trust me or you won't
The bottom line is you love me or you don't
And do you need me baby?Yeah you know I doSo you believe me baby?Yeah for sure I doThen he gave me a hug, jumped in the trunk and went to work
He managed to leave without getting his feelings hurt
So I sat back, flamed up the weed and thought up
Who the hell done run their mouth and almost got me caught up[Hook: Infamous Syndicate & (Kanye West)]
I said boy don't you know what you do to me?
He said ("But I don't usually")
I said boy don't you know what you do to me?
He said ("You know I don't usually")
I said boy don't you know what you do to me?
I be hatin' when you actin' brand new to me
Look you can't be tellin' people that you doin' me
You gotta keep this here between you and me[Verse 2: Kanye West]
Look, I feel bad about the fact that you gotta creep with me
When your man be around, you don't speak to me
When my girl be around, I see you peepin' me
When they both ain't around, you be freakin' me

We used to do it secretly, now you all talk
You tellin' everybody like you wanna get caught

I think my girl catchin' on cause my story keep changin' up
You gotta stop callin' up my crib and hangin' up

Truthfully, if you tellin' people that you doin' me
Then you tellin' me that you don't even wanna screw with me
And that's a shame, I can't even do my thing

You get dick and you go temporarily insane
You think it's a game, but I don't wanna play no more
You wanna stay, but you can't stay no more
You wanna be with K, but that ain't okay no more
You got somethin' to say, but you ain't gotta say no more
[Hook: Kanye West & (Infamous Syndicate)]
I said girl don't you know what you do to me?
She said ("But I don't usually")
I said girl don't you know what you do to me?
She said ("You know I don't usually")
I said girl don't you know what you do to me?
I be hatin' when you actin' brand new to me
I'mma tell your ass now baby truthfully
I ain't told nobody that you doin' me[Kanye West]
It seem like fine hoes is hard to find mostly
The type of girls that give you their whereabouts supposedly
And when you check, they ain't never where they're supposed to be
I learned my lesson, now I only fuck hoes that's close to me
Don't get me wrong you still gotta live close to me
This ain't a song I made for ugly hoes to start approachin' me
You know how this go, I diss hoes
I'm very mean now, my Roley face green now, I bring your self esteem down[Infamous Syndicate]
I knew since the day I met you if I would fuck you or not
So later on I asked my girl how many bitches you got
I never loved you a lot, but then this nigga got turned out
He told his boy that told his boy and now the words out
My man approachin' me with rumors that he heard about[Kanye West]
But dude a lame, he probably asked you can he work it out?[Infamous Syndicate]
I swear y'all, betta keep the game on'em
Yeah y'all now watch me change on'em
Rule one, never tell your nigga who you fucked
And always smile back if he tell you he in love
Rule two, most men try to control you
Take my advice cause its so true what women go through
And rule three you thinkin' he don't cheat and he committed
He still get invitations from the last girl he been with
Bet his ho be mad, I bet she tell you that he hit it
Just check inside his pocket find another bitches digits[Hook: Infamous Syndicate & Kanye West][Outro]
Yeah, you know what I'm sayin'
These girls out here be thinkin' they caught up and shit
Fuck that, spend that nigga yo, you know what I'm sayin'
You catch yourself up, you go to him
Let that nigga come to you with no type of evidence, you ain't got shit on you
I'mma do my thing, word up, uh
Pimp on baby

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