Bitch I'm a trashstar not a rockstar (Yeah)
I got some bag and that real shit (Yeah)
Yea back to home i got some cash (Yeah)
Yea spent a money make a money (Yeah)
Bitch who is you? don't call me bro
Bitch i don't know, yeah i don't know
We jump at that bitch we jump out the house
Like carti bitch you cappin' (Yeah)
Give em' 2K my money flippin'
I fuck you bitch when you still sleepin'
Why you look so mad as fuck
Yeah mad as fuck and broke as fuck
You're not that hard not like in your tweet
Don't trust this bitch you is a bitch
This chill pill ain't workin on me
That's why i still rage as fuck Mad as fuck im just playin'
Playin' with my cash (ay aye)
Don't compare me (ay aye)
We not matchin' (ay aye)
You mad asfuck (ay aye)
I dont give a fuck (ay aye)
This ain't no a-ci-d (ay aye)

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