[Verse 1]
You ain't got nothing on these moves, you're two left feet
Years since I've been beat, you can suck it through your teeth loose
We beat the beat until it's blue, black and beetroot
Leave it to bleed through, please, no need you
Can miss me with the critics and reviews
From peeps who couldn't move a couple feet in my shoes
Dismiss me fuckers, but there's one thing to claim
Not so easy to prove, how would you reach your conclusion
Without leaping to them, so peace then
I'm keeping out it, deep in the beats, yeah we shoe ins
Nothing new, spit it to me, I've copped it for all
From my lyrics to finishing uni. And dissing didn't move me
Whether from another continent, interstate
Or in your face, still hit the stage not a minute late
Still, any given day, haters gonna hate
So let my work rate vindicate. And, if it ain't, then say it to me [Hook: Turntablism]
[Verse 2]
I made the music I wanted, gave a fuck who's watching
Wound up on a route, just a couple of dudes trodding
Sudden move such as it doesn't prove often
The outcome's left me with one of two options
Either fight everyone who targets me. Or
Move forward, accepting you can't win 'em all
When success breeds hate, the bigger you are man
Harder you fall, that's just par for the course
So I took the latter, climbed the ladder
Got a foothold in the crack of a door
Footprints on their arse crack to match with their jaw
They cooked and battered, me bringing it raw
Bringing a tour de force of fucking awesome, grand prix of sick
But don't take my word for shit, just peep the gigs
Fuck what you think, don't matter, watch what I did
You can't win, and still wanna talk shit? Fine, but say it to me[Hook: Turntablism]
[Verse 3]
Now, I've been struck off as simple when judged off my singles
By boys who ain't finished popping pimples
Fucking with the botox flow dog, check your bifocals
Rub your lenses, it's no wrinkles
Iron smooth, I improved
Y'all impaired, try, lose
Like that's news, like that's shit that I'd fight back to
Like that shit's gonna light the fuse, mmm, nah
Took near a decade to find my voice
And six months more to be a target, so go on fire up boys
Stay mad, unheard and unsigned by choice
Yeah right "by choice"
It is what it is, I remember old heads said "Son
Kill 'em all, then quit when ahead or get done"
But I'll never quit and God willing never slump once
But, if that day ever does come, I just ask that you say it to me[Hook: Turntablism]

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